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Gnome Nations

An exciting browser-based online game with unpredictable plot and bright 3D graphics. It is a fairy gnome world, where players set everything up the way they want it. You can build and blow up farms, trade goods, fight for new territories and create gangs.

Apps Features

  • Battles over who is going to rule territories
  • Fairy monsters walking around the map
  • Live chat

Vanilla Show

It is a video service of a new generation, in which certain participants create their own show and try to make it popular. Other participants vote for shows they like, exchange messages, give gifts, keep order and just have a good time.

Apps Features

  • Conversations through public and private chats
  • A chance to find a lot of fans without leaving your home
  • Meeting new people and fascinating conversations


Those seeking for new experiences and looking to meet new people will like the online app with a chat-roulette function. You will meet a lot of unexpected new people who are fun to talk to or maybe even are your other half!

Apps Features

  • Meeting random new people
  • A huge variety of people to chat with
  • Strict moderation and only pleasant conversations